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Altrient R-ALA Liposomal R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

The most bioavailable R-ALA on the market.

Altrient R-ALA is the highest quality liposomal R Alpha Lipoic Acid making it the most bioavailable oral form with up to 98% absorption


Altrient R-ALA – Why choose Altrient Liposomal R-ALA?

  • Promote and support cellular energy production
  • Recycle other vital antioxidants
  • Naturally boost glutathione production
  • Maintain optimal nerve health
  • Maintain healthy glucose levels


R-Alpha Lipoic Acid


  • R form, which is the form found in nature (higher bioavailability than S form)
  • S form, which is often used in low-cost, synthetic preparations of ALA

R-ALA is proven to be more effective but is expensive to produce and presents stability issues in manufacturing. Altrient only uses the R form of ALA, to ensure optimal performance.


  • GMO ingredients
  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Dairy
  • Meat products
  • Hexane
  • Soy protein
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial flavours
  • Liposomes are created in a gel/solution, they are not able to survive in a powder or pill form.
  • Liposomes cannot be seen with the naked eye, their presence is confirmed with an electron microscope.
Powerful bioavailability delivered from the R form of ALA that people trust
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is one of the strongest antioxidants that can be found in nearly every tissue in a healthy body
  • High-performance ALA supplementation delivered where you need it most: directly into the bloodstream, and into your cells
  • Altrient R-ALA is the most bioavailable and highest dosage oral form of R-Alpha Lipoic Acid available anywhere *
High-performance delivery of antioxidants supplementation

Once again LivOn labs are using their ingenious Lypo-Spheric, liposomal formulation to ensure that almost all the R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and gets to where it is needed most. This delivery system prevents the R-ALA from peaking too quickly in the body ensuring it remains bioavailable for the maximum duration.

Why you need Altrient R-ALA.

A small amount of ALA is made naturally in the body, but the rest of what you need must come from eating red meat, organ meats, and brewer’s yeast or from dietary supplements.  Since the amount of ALA available in dietary supplements is as much as 1,000 times greater than what you can obtain in a normal diet, ALA experts recommend daily supplementation with high-quality ALA.

ALA can be found in two forms

The R form, which is the form found in nature, or the S form, which is often used in low-cost, synthetic preparations of ALA. R-ALA is proven to be more bioavailable and biologically active than S-ALA, but it is expensive to produce and often presents stability issues in manufacturing. This is why most ALA supplements contain only the S form or a 50/50 mixture of S-ALA and R-ALA.

Encapsulating R-ALA in essential phospholipids gives your body a powerful 1 – 2 punch
Altrient R-ALA encapsulates R-ALA in liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids.

This powerful delivery system protects the R-ALA from destruction by your digestive juices and gives you the potential to experience the full benefits of ALA with every packet.  Within minutes of taking Altrient® R-ALA, liposomes filled with R-ALA are transported directly into the bloodstream, and into the cells.

The benefits of R-ALA help satisfy the body’s ever-growing need for essential phospholipids and Phosphatidylcholine

One of the most important phospholipids required for many vital functions in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and nervous system.*

Altrient R-ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid – gives your body the support it needs to:
  • Promote, maintain and support cellular energy production
  • Recycle other vital antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Boost glutathione production naturally
Altrient Lypo-Spheric R-Alpha Lipoic Acid – may help your body to:
  • Maintain optimal nerve health
  • Maintain healthy glucose levels
High quality, convenient, great value oral form R-Alpha Lipoic Acid: Guaranteed!

Serving Size: 1 Sachet (5.7mL) Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving  % RDA*
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (from R-Lipoic Acid Sodium Salt) 226 mg
Phospholipids 1000 mg
Of which phosphatidylcholine 500 mg
* Recommended Daily Allowance
†RDA not established
INGREDIENTS: Deionized Water, Lecithin Phospholipids, Alcohol (ethanol), Adenosiine Monophosphate, (natural flavour modifier), R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Natural Lemon Flavouring, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid (for pH adjustment).

Contains no sugar, no starch, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no meat products, no dairy products, no wheat, no gluten and no yeast.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Do not freeze or place the product in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Do not blend or vigorously agitate

Shelf Life: When stored properly Altrient C™ will stay 100% effective for a minimum of 18 months from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is on the bottom of each carton and on each packet as “EXP –/–”.


Take 1-2 sachets a day – Does not dissolve in liquid – Do not blend, process or put in hot water – Squeeze sachet into a shot glass amount of water or juice – Best taken on an empty stomach to speed up the absorption – It can be folded gently into a yoghurt





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