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Organic Basil Essential Oil with warm, spicy-sweet aroma

Organic Basil Essential Oil – Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Leaf Oil

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Organic Basil Essential Oil (ct: Methyl Chavicol)

The Oil has been used for many years in herbal remedies and medicines.

It  contains vitamin A and C, and calcium and iron. Recently, there has been much research into the health benefits conferred by the essential oils found in basil.

The Organic Basil Essential Oil has a warm, spicy-sweet aroma.


Organic Basil Oil is liberating, clearing, strengthening and uplifting.

The wonderfully reviving fragrance of basil organic essential oil gives the mind strength and clarity whilst helping to combat fatigue.

Use Organic Basil Oil in a vaporizer or oil burner whilst studying or when long periods of concentration are needed.




Ocimum Basillicum (Basil) Leaf Oil

Method of Extraction

By steam distillation of the leaves and flowering tops.

Plant Family

Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family



Shelf life

2 to 3 years if stored correctly.

Blends well with

Organic Basil Oil blends well with Black pepper, lavender, geranium, clary sage, bergamot and marjoram.

Chemical Constituents

Linalool (Alcohol), Borneone, Camphor, Cineole (Ketones), Methylchavicol, Eugeneol (Phenols), Ocimene, Pinene, Slyvestrene (Terpenes).

Organic Certification


Organic Basil Oil is relatively non-toxic, non-irritant, possible sensitisation in some individuals.

Do not use on sensitive skin or whilst pregnant. Do not use in high concentrations or for long periods of time.

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10 ml, 30ml, 50 ml


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