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Algine Plus

This supplement contains the vitamins which are essential for a good cellular function and a good oxygenation of the cells.


Algine Plus is the only food supplement composed of 3 red, green & brown algae combined in a single tablet. This seaweed mixture is ideal as a detox cure.

Algine plus is a natural product promoting good health free from gluten, lactose, soy, corn, candida, sugar, coloring, animal derivative, nuts or hazelnut caffeine, coloring or preservative, It can be used by everyone including vegetarians. Athletes also use it.

This supplement contains the vitamins which are essential for a good cellular function and a good oxygenation of the cells.

Carotène A : 5,7mg
Thiamine B1 : 2,3mg
Ribo avine B2 : 1,7mg
Niacine B3 : 1,6mg
Acide pantothénique B5 : 460μg
Pyridoxine B6 : 316μg
Acide folique B9 : 532μg
Cobalamine B12 : 80μg
Acide ascorbique C : 96mg
Cholecalciferol D : 2,4μg
Tocophérol E : 11,4mg
Biotine H : 21μg
Menadione K : 440μg

It also contains the essential amino acids:

Vital protein for rebuilding muscle fibers.

Histidine : 30,6mg
Isoleucine : 3109,6mg
Leucine : 3159,8mg
Lysine : 3110mg
Methionine : 359,2mg
Phenylalanine : 3109,8mg
Thréonine : 3115,6mg
Tryptophane : 329,1mg
Valine : 3162,6mg

It also contains non-essential mineral acids:

The famous BCAAs :

Alanine : 160,3mg
Arginine : 171,2mg
Acide aspartique : 180,7mg
Cystine : 35,8mg
Acide glutamique : 249,3mg
Glycine : 99,2mg
Proline : 83,6mg
Serine : 109,4mg
Tyrosine : 125,6mg

Also lipids

Indispensable for the proper functioning of the body, actively participates in the prevention of muscle tears

CLA : 0,65g
GLA : 0,60g
Acide linoléique : 0,55g
Acides linoléiques conjugués : 0,48g
Oméga-3 : 1,20g
Acide oléique : 0,12g
Acide palmitique : 0,84g
Acide palmitoléique : 0,08g
Acide palmitolinoléique : 0,10g
Acide stéarique : 0,07g

Also :

Coenzymes Q10 is a cardiac enzyme which participates in the prevention

Protéines : 28g
Hydrates de carbone : 10g
Graisses : 2,5g
Calories : 174 kcal
Q10 : 20mg
Calcium (par tab) : 140mg
Menthe (par tab) : 150



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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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