The most exquisite natural floral essences from the globe

Our Pureté Plus™ essential oils are produced in an eco-ethical manner by small grower/harvesters who do their own production to the highest of standards specifically for the aromatherapy communities.

These rare aromatherapy quality essential oils & absolutes and many are unique to our company will not be found anywhere else.

Some of these 100% pure and natural oils are wild crafted essential oils, which are gathered from plants growing in their natural environment like cedar, pine, cypress, etc… while others are organically grown or eco-cultivated.

Organic Essential Oils (Extracted by Enfleurage)

Enfleurage is an ancient technique used for extracting essential oils from the most delicate flowers and this includes some of the oils that we sell here at Polminton like: Gardenia, Rose, Lily and Tuberose.

We also sell essential oils that have been extracted by other means, like steam distillation and expression. Steam Distillation is the most common method used to extract essential oils from plants like Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium and hundreds more.

Enfleurage is a technique of extracting the aromatic oils from flowers that goes back thousands of years to the days of the pharaohs in Egypt. It works on the simple principle that fats dissolve essential oils and thereby absorb their aromas.

Petals and other fragrant plant parts are soaked in fat or non-evaporating oil which absorbs the fragrance. In the 19th century and early parts of the 20th, pork, lard and beef fat were used though now some producers use vegetable fats like palm oil.

In the early days, the animal fat was smeared on glass plates in a wooden frame called a chassis and then the flowers were placed on the fat and left to release their oils for several days. The process was repeated several more times with fresh flowers being added to the plates until the fat on the plates was completely saturated with the aromatic oils of the flowers. The oil saturated fat, called a pomade, was then dissolved by alcohol.

The aromatic oils migrate to the alcohol which is then separated from the fat and then the alcohol is evaporated to leave the pure aromatic oil of the flower. The resultant essential oil is technically called an "absolute". Our supplier of absolutes extracted by enfleurage uses only Organic Palm Oil and Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol in the extraction process.



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