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Our essential oils are produced in an eco-ethical manner by small grower/harvesters who do their own production to the highest of standards specifically for the aromatherapy and healing arts communities.
These rare aromatherapy quality essential oils and absolutes and many are unique to our company and will not be found anywhere else.
Some of these 100% pure and natural oils are wild crafted essential oils, which are gathered from plants growing in their natural environment   while others are organically grown or eco-cultivated.
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MASSAGES - put 15-25 drops essential oil into 50ml vegetable oil. Appropriate mixture for massages, aches or just to pamper your skin.
BATH - one of the most pleasurable ways to use the essential oils. Put 3-5 drops selected essential oil in your bathtub, mix and enjoy. Do not use shower gel or
soap after the bath. Your skin will retain the scent as if you had used an expensive perfume. Suitable method in cases of stress, skin problems.
FOOT BATHS - for tired feet, fungi or cold put 3-4 drops selected oil in a basin full of hot water and plunge your feet.
AROMA LAMP - put 5-10 drops in warm water and leaves the candle burn for 30-60 minutes.
Thus viruses and microbes in the room are being attacked and the scent is much more pleasant than the synthetic.
INHALATION - put 2-3 drops selected oils and inhale for about 10 min. with your eyes closed.
Suitable method in cases of colds or respiratory problems. Steam inhalations are not suitable for asthmatics.
SPRAY - put 10-15 drops in 10ml water and spray in the room and keep your eyes. Appropriate for refreshing the air in rooms.
GARGLE - put 1 drop in 100ml water, gargle until the water is over. Appropriate for toothache, refreshment the mouth, pharyngitis. The water must not be
HANDLERCHIEF - 1-2 drops on a clean handkerchief put it close to the nose and inhale. It is a convenience when you are outdoors or you do not have an
aroma lamp.
DIRECT INHALATION - inhale directly from the bottle. Suitable if you are outdoors or do not have an aroma lamp. Appropriate for asthmatics.
COMPRESSES - pour some warm water into a shallow bowl, put 1-2 drops of
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